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Docking Station for Apple iPhone 5/5s

  • Sync and charge your phone at the same time. And contain a unique ABEL management cabletie.
  • Compatible with both lightning USB cable or wall charger (both not included in this listing)
  • Insert cable/charger at the back of the dock and place your phone on the dock to use
  • Measures about 83 x 59 x 14mm
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 5/5s

Product Description

Stand your iPhone 5/5s up with this iPhone 5 lightning to USB 2.0 docking station. You can use this on your desktop, nightstand, floor, you name it. Instead of having to lay your iPhone 5 down and risk scratching the surface every time, look stylish with this docking station. Also, when you wake up in the morning you wont need to fumble for your iPhone 5 to see what time it is, all you need to do is lean over and your iPhone 5 will be proudly displayed and easy to access.

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