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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC)

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Complete package
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  • DVD
  • English International

Product Description

Microsoft Microsoft Flight Simulator X Standard Win32 English International 1 License.

In a nutshell:
Microsoft’s original civilian flight sim is still clocking up the air miles with the most significant sequel for years and a genuine attempt to make it more accessible for non-propellerheads.

The lowdown:
While almost all other flight simulators have fallen from grace on the PC, Microsoft have never given up on the genre with a game that’s as ruthlessly realistic as it is completely free of any kind of violence. Every major, and minor, airport in the world is simulated and every major city has its share of recognisable landmarks, allowing you to fly anywhere in the world. There’s a huge range of different aircraft to fly too: from jumbo jets and seaplanes to helicopters and everything in between. The only problem is that the game needs a seriously powerful PC to run at full whack, but even on lower detail levels this is still a stunning achievement.

Most exciting moment:
Despite the realism, the game isn’t all dry simulation. There are a lot of fun missions to try out, including acting as a


stuntman, going on search and rescue flights, fighting fires and even flying over the infamous Area 51.

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